Residental Tenancy Application

OKeeffe Residential in Charleville, Co. Cork

If you have spotted a property that you would like to rent, then let us know by completing the below form. Remember the more information provided the better. Applications with critical information incomplete will not be considered.

The property

How did you find out about this property?

About you

Your address

Other people who will be living with you

Please tell us about any other people who will be living in the property with you by supplying their names, date of birth and relationship to you below:

Other tenant 01

Other tenant 02

Other tenant 03

Other tenant 04

Your current landlord's details

If you rent the property you currently live in, please give details of your Landlord or the Estate / Letting Agency managing the property on behalf of your landlord.

Reference can be uploaded at the end of this form.

Your employment & income details

Reference can be uploaded at end of form.

If unemployed,

we need to cover the various subsidies available.

Your Employer Details

Please give details of your current employer. If you are self-employed, please give details of you accountant.

Next of kin details

Please give us details of a member of your family we can contact in case of an emergency.


Where a viewing has taken place, we need you to confirm that you are satisfied with the condition of the property when you viewed it. During the inspection of the property did you find it to be in good condition and are prepared to accept the property as stands?

If you answered NO to the above statement, please identify any items in the property which you were unhappy with or would like the Landlord to address before occupation.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that the Landlord will address these issues.

Supporting Documents

In addition to the above information, we require applicant to provide the following:

  • Employer Reference
  • Landlord Reference
  • Photographic id

Where the above is not available tenants can provide additional information to aid their application such as:

  • Three months bank statements
  • Recent payslips
  • Character reference

Please Note: Your application cannot be processed without appropriate written references. All individuals supplied as references must be informed by the applicant that we may contact them and wish to speak with them directly.

References provided by you should be recently dated, signed and provide a contact number, email address or correspondence address. Hand written references will only be accepted in certain circumstances.

Disclaimer / Authority

I, the above named applicant, agree that:

  • I will be required to pay a security deposit within 24 hours, upon approval of my application to secure the property. One month's rent in advance will be payable 48 hours prior to my move in date.
  • The letting agent may conduct all relevant inquiries and/or searches from all creditors, providers and references named in this application as required fro verifying the information contained herein.
  • The above information is true and correct has been supplied of my own free will.

Upload files & media here

We would ask that you take photos and videos to accompany the above form and upload here.

Alternatively, you can send these through at

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Privacy Act Disclosure

Conditions & Consent:
Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the property description is correct this must not be relied upon. It is the tenant's own responsibility to view the property to ensure they are happy with the property and its condition.

All details and references supplied with this application will be checked for tenancy selection purposes. In completing this form prospective tenants are authorising O'Keeffe Residential and the landlord to carry out comprehensive checks on the prospective tenant prior to any viewings or letting of the property. All information supplied will be kept secure and confidential and only disclosed between O'Keeffe Residential, the landlord and relevant parties for confirmation purposes.

I understand this application is not a guarantee of acceptance for the letting of the property. O'Keeffe Residential cannot proceed with any application until all references and identification have been received by our office along with this form completed and signed by prospective tenant(s). To avoid delays tenants should provide full contact details for all parties. This form should be fully completed. Please note forms which are not fully completed will not be considered. Forms which are full complete and accompanied by adequate references and id will be given preference. If your application is successful and has been accepted by the landlord, you will be required to pay the agreed security deposit without delay and the month's rent in advance prior to moving into property.

I understand that once the application has been accepted and the deposit is paid, if for any reason I decide to decline the signing of contracts, then the deposit paid will become non-refundable to cover advertising costs, lost rent and staff time.

Please note the landlord is not liable to take out an insurance policy on the property. It is recommended that tenants take out an insurance policy to cover their own contents and valuables.

I declare that all information in this application is true to the best of my knowledge and I understand all/any conditions set out in this application. I consent to passing the information supplied to prospective landlords for the purpose of assessing this application and allow for any additional information and comprehensive checks be carried out by contacting references, family members, agencies, organisations and any other individuals as necessary in order to check out my references. I am aware from time to time if some references supplied by a tenant are contacted, that O'Keeffe Residential may be given another contact person to make contact with to also carry out checks with, I also consent to third parties being contacted for same. Completing this application form does not commit the landlord, agent or tenant to a tenancy.